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Friday, February 14, 2014

Smarts and Sleep

I have to brag for a minute. Carson is getting so smart! He has loved lining up his cars and trucks and I've noticed that lately he even sorts them by color.

He has a memory like a steel trap. Especially if it rhymes or is set to a melody. I think he knows the lyrics to every song he's ever heard. Learning the alphabet song was a cinch. We read a book to him a few times and then he'll start reading it to us. Strangers are shocked that he just turned 2 because he knows so many words.

I don't think I can take much credit for how fast he learns, but I love it and only hope I can keep up with him.

Nolan doesn't do much yet, haha, but he sure looks cute while he sleeps :)


  1. Confession- I want to comment on every post on your blog. I'm a little in love with your sweet family. I can't believe Carson is so grown up already! And the sleeping Nolan pictures are adorable- I felt a little silly those first weeks with Maeby because I wanted to take her picture every time she slept, she just looked so beautiful (and sometimes hilarious, kids are goofy and it's great).

  2. Thanks! I really love these kids- I can't get enough :) And your little Maeby really is beautiful! I totally understand the urge to constantly take pictures...obviously :)

  3. I finally caught up on your blog! This makes me miss you guys so much! Carson is such a smarty pants- Cam has that same dinosaur book and he loves it:) He speaks so clearly though i could understand every word! And Nolan is SO precious! You are such a cute mom and i hope we get to see you guys sometime soon!