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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Busy Day

Today I didn't even leave the apartment, but somehow it felt like a busy day. We packed and packed and cleaned and cleaned. The best part of my day was when I sat down for lunch with Carson. He said, "bless the food?" Usually I just bless it, but I thought I would let him try and repeat after me. He did it so well and so reverently. Then, about halfway through our peanut butter and banana sandwiches, he said, "bless the food, 'gain (again)?" So I helped him bless the food again. Right after he said amen he said, "Again?" So we blessed it a third time. He seemed about as pleased as I felt. 

It was such a happy experience. It made me feel so lucky to be his mom. I can't even believe how much I love him. I think it also made me more patient the rest of the day when he climbed on the table and colored on the door. You really can't take your eyes off them for a second! 


He tried on Daddy's shoes.

This is him saying, "Cheese!"

 He closed the door while I was vacuuming his room. I guess he wanted his picture to be a surprise. First time he's drawn on the door/walls. Fortunately, it just wiped off.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Boys. You gotta love 'em.

We went to an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and found out we're having another boy! We're so excited to have another little Carson running around. Although, we probably won't name this next one Carson because that would get confusing. Here are some pictures.

17 weeks



Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Vacation

June? July? Oh yeah, they happened and were fun months. Apparently, so fun that I didn't leave myself time to blog. Here I go.

We have been spending lots of time outside going to splash pads, pools and parks. We went to a park that has faucets and dirt (naturally=mud) which was fun. Carson thought the cleaning faucet was a drinking fountain:

Our trip out west started in late June. We started by spending some time in South Jordan with my family. We went to the zoo and Carson loved it! We took him to the zoo last summer, but he didn't know the animal names and sounds yet which made this time more fun.

Giraffes with Grandma

Tanner sharing popcorn

Picture of a tiger

The crew

Three elephants. (see background)

Oh and this happened:

We went to Provo and met Carson's cousin Clara. We liked meeting his new cousin (Elaine) on my side too, but I guess he has so many cousins on that side that we stopped taking pictures. Since we came back to Nashville, two more cousins have been added (Eli and Adam) and we can't wait to meet them too!

          He loved holding her. He just looked at her, tickled her toes and waved 
      while he held her for ten minutes or more. It was adorable.

After a while in South Jordan, we headed to Colorado for Taylor's family reunion at ragged mountain. It was a blast. Carson LOVED being outside and throwing dirt around for a few days.

Watching us play horseshoes


He loves swings.

With Taylor's cousin, Jonah

Dancing with Clara and Uncle Sam

After the reunion, we went back to South Jordan and went to my sister's wedding. I only have a couple pictures from that, and they are of Carson. 

Before the pictures

After the pictures...barely holding himself together

Then we just hung out for a few days, helped my parents load up their stuff to move to St. George, then came back to Nashville.

Here are a few more cute pictures of Carson in case you haven't seen enough:

He poured syrup on the table to dip his cereal in. Lovely.

This was a 6/9 month size outfit I never put him in when it fit. I put on him as a joke the other day, and had to take pictures when I saw how cute he looked. Taylor said he can't wear it in public...

Seriously. So cute.

Sorry about the crazy catch-up post again. Taylor said I don't have to put 400 pictures on one post, but I couldn't leave anything out.