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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good to go

Hey everyone! Life has been so good! We recently moved from midtown Atlanta to a little suburb. We have more space, pay less rent, are closer to the temple, and generally just like it better. So yay for that. At the beginning of this month Taylor took the 3rd (of 3) part of the CFA exam. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he passed and can be done! We have been enjoying evenings and even get to spend Saturdays with him now that he's not studying. We've gone to the park, the pool, played tennis, etc. and are even planning a trip to Louisville soon! Ok, enough enough I know you just want to hear about the kids. Here are some pictures: Wait. Let me tell you why these pictures are so awesome. Taylor got me a very nice camera for my birthday!! I don't really know anything about cameras yet, but if I can take pictures this nice already-it's nice. Nikon DSsomething or with a huge lens. Ok ok, HERE are some pictures:

These boys are always playing together. Carson loves when Nolan "talks" to him. When Nolan wakes up from a nap Carson dances around singing, "Nolan's awake, Nolan's awake! We can play with Nolie!" It's really cute. Carson also loves to take care of him. He helps change his diaper, bathe him, get his binkie, sing him songs, and is always telling Nolan not to eat things. In the car this morning he said, "Nolan, please don't eat your hand or you might get sick." He likes to say, "He's a good baby, huh? He's a really good baby." Which is true. 

Now that Nolan is always smiling now, Carson likes to be the source of those smiles. He goes up and says, "Where's your smiles, Nolie?" 

Carson doesn't have to do much to get him to smile. Nolan loves watching Carson. And smiling.

Oh yeah, Nolan also loves Taylor.

A child talent/modeling agency stopped us in the mall and called us for days trying to get Carson :) (or just our money, but seriously? Who wouldn't want rights to that blue steel face?)

He's a ham.

I love this picture. That's why it's huge. Cutest face ever. Enjoy.

Awwwww. They're just so cute.

We planted a little garden. It is mostly still intact (miraculously), and we've even harvested a couple banana peppers.

The thing people comment on most is Nolan's curly hair. It's so cute. I think he gets it from Taylor's side since some of Taylor's sisters have curly hair and I love it! It's not beautiful yet like his aunts', but it's awesome. A bit cartoonish and unruly, perfect for his little personality. I tried to take a picture of it:

You can see it better in this one:

Well, I guess I'll put some more words here at the bottom to even things out. I know I've been jumping around a bit, but there is so much I want to remember! Oh, and I hope it gives you a few smiles too.

Carson has been a great helper. He likes helping so much that if you call him anything (even nice things like sweetheart) he'll say, "I'm not a sweetheart (for example), I'm just a Carson helper (or Carsy helper, or helper Carson, etc.)" I was fixing the vacuum the other day and he came up and asked if I knocked it over. I said yeah, it fell over. And he says, "Oh. Well, can I help you pick it up?" In those exact words. It was just pretty cute coming from a 2-year-old.

Carson-probably like most kids- takes to church things really naturally. I got him to stop drawing on his legs by explaining that Heavenly Father gave him his body. Then a couple days later we were playing with his fake tool set. I was trying to be silly and put the wrench on my nose. Carson said, "No, Mommy. Heavenly Father gave you that nose. He wants you to keep it there." We taught him about tithing and he doesn't understand the math yet, but it was so cute when we were counting his money to see if he had enough (probably for the ice cream truck that passes everyday) and he said, "We better keep one for Heavenly Father. I'll give it to the bishop so he can build a temple for Jesus." He surprises me with how much he remembers! We usually listen to primary songs in the car and a couple days ago "Follow the Prophet" was playing. He loves the chorus, etc. and this time he said, "I know! Thomas S. Monson!" I think the last time we talked about the living prophet was at General Conference. I was pretty impressed. 

I'd say it's a little bittersweet watching your kids grow up. I know I have a long way to go, but today I was putting Carson down for a nap and he said, "I'm good to go." He took a cup and a stuffed animal, climbed in bed then said, "You can tuck me in Mom then I'm good to go." And I was totally surprised that he really just went to sleep. It's crazy that you're needed and needed all day long and you get so worn out, but when they say, "I'm good to go." you just think, "Wait, don't you need something else? Don't you at least want to tell me it's not quiet time a few times?" They are a long way from independence, but I guess that's where they're headed. 

Anyway, in summation, I'm glad my kids still need me, my kids are smart and adorable, and look forward to more pictures as I learn to use my camera!

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