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Friday, February 14, 2014

Smarts and Sleep

I have to brag for a minute. Carson is getting so smart! He has loved lining up his cars and trucks and I've noticed that lately he even sorts them by color.

He has a memory like a steel trap. Especially if it rhymes or is set to a melody. I think he knows the lyrics to every song he's ever heard. Learning the alphabet song was a cinch. We read a book to him a few times and then he'll start reading it to us. Strangers are shocked that he just turned 2 because he knows so many words.

I don't think I can take much credit for how fast he learns, but I love it and only hope I can keep up with him.

Nolan doesn't do much yet, haha, but he sure looks cute while he sleeps :)

Snow and Stuff

Life has been a bit busy and so good. We were able to have our parents come to see the new baby and we had so much fun during their visits.

While my parents were here, we had a crazy rainstorm and Carson's room flooded. I'm so glad I wasn't alone with 2 kids when it happened! I hardly did anything. And since we had to clear out most of Carson's stuff, there was plenty of room for the new bunk bed my dad built.

Carson trying it out.

I think we'll transition him to "Grandpa's bed" in a few weeks. For now he's stuck in the crib.

This picture was taken during the flood. Usually we're nice enough to give him a mattress at least.

In between my parents' visit and Taylor's parents' visit, we got a nice snow storm. Nice enough for Taylor to get a couple days off work while the city shut down. 

Carson LOVED it.

Nolan was only out long enough to make a snow angel.

Neither of them really liked the snow angel idea, but I'm glad we got this hilarious picture.

Then when Taylor's family was in town we got to bless Nolan. We didn't want to take him to church yet during this flu season, but the bishop came to our place and we had a nice little blessing.

I am so grateful for my parents and my in-laws for making the long journey over here and helping so much while we were learning how to be parents of two. I don't know what I would have done without them.

New Baby Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone! This isn't really a Valentines Day post, but it's the day I've found time to catch up and finally blog about our new baby!

Baby Nolan was born in the evening of Jan. 7th. I'll try and give a condensed version of the story so I can get on with the cute pictures. I started having contractions in the afternoon, Taylor came home from work, we took Carson to one of my visiting teachers and went to the hospital. I was at a 6.5 when they finally checked me. I ended up choosing to go without any pain medication which made for a much different experience than I had with Carson. I wasn't really in a lot of pain until a few hours later, but he was born pretty soon after it became unbearable so we all survived with minimal drama. Even though he weighed in at 8 lbs. 3 oz., I remember thinking he was really tiny. And he still pretty much is- at his one month check up he'd gained about 2 lbs. and grown about 3 inches. Anyway, here are some pictures:

Carson loved his soft hair.

I just love this picture.

Ok, I love all these pictures.

We do this a lot. Sleeping baby in one hand, book in the other.

Backtracking a bit.
39 wks. (2 days before delivery)

Carson imitating my big belly :)