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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catching up with Carson

Hello everyone.

Carson has been talking, talking, talking. I will stop listing the words he says soon because there will be too many, for now here are a few in no particular order: ball, bath, cup, more, what, this, that, dad, mom, side (outside), apple, etc. He also parrots some words that we say, but doesn't necessarily know their meanings. By far the cutest word he says is "delicious." He says it pretty well, this is the only time we've caught it on camera.

He also knows his animal sounds and body parts really well. He can say the animal sounds, but he can't say the body parts yet. He can recognize and point to them though, even on stuffed animals.

He's getting more and more of an opinion and usually knows what he wants. This is fun when we want him to choose a book or choose between a couple choices for lunch.

Having a one-year-old with a strong opinion isn't always fun and games though. We have had to start disciplining which is not very fun. If Carson gets an idea in his head he likes to see it through. He has started this new trend that he always needs to "wash his hands" mostly because he likes playing in the water. He rubs his hands together so we know what he wants. It was cute at first, but I finally decided I can't stop and wash his hands every five minutes. He's coping with that pretty well.

Anyway, he is a great baby. We love him to pieces. The other night we were lying in bed talking about Carson and Taylor said, "Yeah, I like everything about him." And that is how I feel too. It is so easy to love him. He's such a sweetheart.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Home, Sweet Nashville Home

After one month of Christmas break vacation and two months in Atlanta, we're in Nashville again!

It was a bit of an adventure getting our stuff to fit in the car. Luckily for me, Taylor's job was packing the car while I cleaned the apartment. He fit all kinds of stuff in the trunk and back seat while still leaving room for Carson (barely), who knew my husband had such great packing skills?

Here's a picture of Carson tucked in the back:

Other than the 45 minutes we sat in stopped traffic outside Chattanooga, it was a pretty uneventful trip. Carson occupied his time by reading,

going through the bathroom bag at his feet,

and sleeping.

We're excited to be back to our favorite city. This morning I got to go to institute and play volleyball again, and I love it! I missed my Monday mornings. Taylor started classes again. Thursday's play group is a pi day celebration! We'll just get some running routines and play dates together and we're back in the groove!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby, you can drive my car

Carson LOVES cars. And he, like most boys, especially loves being behind the wheel. Even in shopping carts and strollers he'd rather be pushing than riding.

We stopped on the way back from New Orleans and let Carson get some wiggles out in the front seat.

We found an awesome cart at Kroger. Notice how he looks both ways before turning at the end. He's all business.

He loves the steering wheels at parks.

And he loves walking toys, they are basically kid size strollers.